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Seat Check Saturday

Posted by: Holly Macaluso

Car accidents cannot always be avoided, but injuries due to improper seat belt buckling can be. This week, Sep. 23-29, we're wrapping up National Child Passenger Safety week. According to Traffic Safety Marketing, "car crashes are the leading death of children ages one to 13." It's a good time to inform yourself and your children about seatbelt safety, using the various resources found below. 

There are videos, provided by the Child Passenger Safety Board, to assist you with proper seat belt information and instructions. Further information and resources can be found here.

National Child Passenger Safety week will be completed with Seat Check Saturday, which teaches parents to correctly install and utilize car seats. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, "59 percent of car seats in the United States are used incorrectly." Tomorrow, Saturday, Sep. 29, find a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety technician near you:

Many local events, such as educational workshops and car seat checkups, are available even beyond this week. It is important to continue informing yourself and your children in order to prevent injuries. For more details, visit:

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