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Nissan Leaf Charged Up for 2016

Posted by: Mark Bilek

While the completely redesigned Chevrolet Volt and soon-to-be produced Bolt garner most of the electric-car media attention, the Nissan Leaf slides into 2016 with some significant upgrades and incentives.


Most importantly the 2016 Leaf gets a bigger battery, extending range from 84 miles to 107 miles. Nissan claims that 70 percent of vehicle owners drive less than 29 miles a day and 98 percent drive less than 50 miles a day. So the bump in range is a significant one in terms of preventing "range anxiety."

Nissan also says that electric vehicles have lower maintenance, repair and insurance costs. Then there's Nissan's "No Charge to Charge" program that provides no-cost juice to Leaf owners at many local charging stations. Together, Leaf buyers come up with a significant cost of ownership savings over the life of the vehicle.

Nissan is also making the 2016 Leaf more appealing to fleet and pool operators and Uber drivers. Right now Nissan is offering an $8000 incentive to fleet and Uber buyers on the Leaf. The general public isn't left out either as Nissan offers $4000 cashback to retail buyers. Add those savings to the $7500 federal tax credit and the Leaf becomes one of the most affordable electrics on the road today.

The 2016 Leaf comes in three models, S, SV and SL. The S lists for $29,000, the SV for $34,000 and the SL for $36,000. Retail or fleet buyer, you can contact your local Nissan dealer for specific details on rebates and tax incentives. 



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