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Honda, Not Your Average Car Company

Posted by: Colleen Moran

In a recent ad campaign Honda has outdone itself. This ad stands out because it highlights Honda’s many endeavors outside of the car realm. Honda prides themselves on building and selling a wide range of motorized products. From lawn mowers to ATVs to outboard motors to robots and even jets the Japanese manufacture has redefined what it means to power people’s dreams.

In the above video titled, “Paper,” Honda transports the consumer through its history and product spectrum using only paper. The vide’os creative and hands on execution could not have been possible without famed director PES. Known for his creative and ironic shorts such as, Fresh Guacamole, PES was the best fit for the project. He and his team used thousands of hand-drawn illustrations to manipulate one frame at a time. The art is truly in the engineering that took place in simulating 3D moving objects over one massive storyboard, without the help of CG.

Check out more of PES’ videos here

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