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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Car Lover on Your List

Posted by: Grace Darling

With the holidays (and the colder weather) just around the corner, you may be struggling to find the perfect gift for the car lover on your shopping list. Lucky for you, we took to Amazon to find some items that will not only be appreciated by car enthusiasts, but could also be helpful on a snowy day.

1. Windshield Cover: Instead of having to use a scraper every time you want to hop in the car, this cover is perfect for keeping snow & ice away from your windshield. Straps on the sides make it easy to secure the cover so it won't fly away on a windy day. With both standard and XL sizes, this windshield cover is compatible with most vehicles.


2. RC Car: This one's for the younger auto fanatics out there, wishing they grow up to race cars like this Lamborghini Huracá some of you might have even been lucky enough to experience in person at the 2021 Special Edition Show! This RC car is an authentic, 1/24 scale replica of the real Huracán, and gets up to 4 mph! You're guaranteed to win any race with this RC car the next time you get an invite.


3. Tire Coffee Mug: For the person on your list who likes to get their engine started in the early AM, this is their perfect mug. This stainless steel, tire-shaped mug has the ability to keep your coffee warm for up to five hours! It makes for the perfect gift for a coffee drinker who loves a good set of wheels.


4. Cleaning Gel: This is an excellent tool for cleaning those hard-to-reach places in any vehicle. It's very easy to use, and can be used more than once! This gel has a wide variety of uses - not just specific to cars - including keyboards, door handles, TV remotes and even furniture.


5. Essential Oil Diffuser: Calling all family vehicle drivers! Holiday road trips are always a blast, but tend to run more smoothly with a fresh-smelling car. With three scent strength settings and an extended battery life, this diffuser is perfect for refreshing your car, putting you in a good mood and even preventing fatigue at the wheel.


6. Car Calendar: Instead of using the calendar app on your phone, check out Amazon's vast catalog of car calendars. From American Muscle Cars to Supercars to Classic Chevy Pickups, there is a calendar for every kind of car lover!


7. Chicago Auto Show. Here's our not-so-subtle plug to remind you that Chicago Auto Show tickets top the list for the perfect gift...whether you're shopping for a car enthusiast or just want a fun day out with family or friends. Tickets are now available online, so don't snooze on this one!

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