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Getting Your Car Summer-Ready

Posted by: Casey O'Connell

Summer is finally here! That means sunshine, beautiful weather (hopefully), outdoor activities, road trips and time with friends and family. In order to fully enjoy your summer, it is essential to prep your car for any activities you may partake in throughout the upcoming months. We decided to poll the office to see how each of our “summer car-prep rituals” differ, and create a guide to make sure your car is ready for any summer activity that comes your way.

For the road trip lover:

If you are one who loves to road trip during the summer, make sure your car is safe and ready to drive before leaving. Check the windshield wipers, tire pressure in current and spare tires, and make sure to get an oil change. It is also very important to have a fully stocked emergency kit on hand. Look into joining a service like AAA in case of any car troubles along the way.

While safety is the most important part of any road trip, the second is to have fun! Before leaving, stock the car with tons of CDs, movies, road trip games and extra batteries and chargers for any electronics to ensure a smooth, enjoyable ride. Finally, pack enough snacks and water bottles to last you throughout your entire trip!

For the car fanatic:

Plain and simple, are you obsessed with your car? Then it is probably pretty important to you to make sure your car is in tip-top shape to show off driving around town in the nice weather.

The first step is the interior: de-winterize your car by cleaning out any garbage that accumulated over the winter, and remove your snow brush and scraper since you can say goodbye to those items for good (at least until Chicago winter rolls around again). Vacuum the carpet and wipe down the seats and the interior windows, as well as wash off the road salt stains from your mats that have formed over the season.

Next is the exterior. Since rain is prevalent this season, change your windshield wipers for better visibility. In addition, make sure your car has fresh windshield wiper fluid at this time. This is also a good time of year to check your tire pressure.

Cleaning your car doesn’t have to break the bank. Wash the exterior by hand using fresh water – it can make your car look sparkling new! Once clean, add a coat of wax to make any rain bead up and run off the car. This way, your car will stay cleaner and will be easier to clean in the future.

For the parent of young kids:

As any parent will tell you, preparation is key! It is extremely important to restock your first aid kit (or now is a good time to purchase one!) and store it in an accessible place. Kids love to run around when the weather gets nice, and they are more likely to get cut and scrapped up when wearing less clothing than in the winter time. Also, make sure to always have a change of clothes packed in the car. Since kids are running around and playing outside more in the summer, they are bound to get muddy right before you have to go somewhere! Finally, always pack extra water to avoid dehydration.

For the dog lover:

It’s finally warm enough to go to the dog park! Always keep Frisbees, leashes and treats in the back of your car just in case you drive by a new dog park worth exploring. It is also a good idea to put down mats and seat covers, just in case your dog has too much fun and gets a little muddy while playing! Keep a spare water bowl and bottled water in the car for those spur-of-the-moment dog park trips.

For the active individual:

In the summer-time, you never know when you will get the chance to do something outdoors. Just in case, fill your trunk with footballs, volleyballs, tennis racquets, Frisbees and more to make sure you‘re prepared in case the opportunity arises. Also, now is the time of year to attach a bike rack to the back of your car so you can go for a ride no matter where you end up. With all of this activity, it is essential to keep extra water bottles and granola bars in your car to make sure you always enough energy for whatever comes your way!

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