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Ford and Lincoln among the Latest Auto Brands to Partner with Amazon

Posted by: Jennifer Morand

Surrounding the notion of simplifying everyday lives, Ford and Lincoln are the latest auto brands to partner up with tech giant Amazon. Earlier this week, Ford/Lincoln and Amazon announced a new partnership called Amazon Key, a free in-car delivery system that allows Amazon delivery personnel access to Ford or Lincoln vehicles wherever they may be parked. With an increasing number of packages being swiped from doorsteps, Amazon Key is an attempt at a solution to ensure packages are kept safe inside the purchasers’ vehicles.
Amazon Prime account holders can simply link their account with FordPass or Lincoln Way apps, allowing delivery drivers secure access to their vehicle. When completing an Amazon Prime order, customers will now have the option to select “in-car delivery” during checkout. They’ll then be instructed to enter a public delivery address (note: their vehicle needs to be parked within two blocks of that public address). 
To ease any anxiety, Amazon says their drivers are required to double-check door handles before departing to ensure the vehicle is locked. For customers who cancel an order the day of delivery, access to their vehicle can be blocked and the delivery rescheduled or redirected to their home. 
Ford and Lincoln are the latest brands to forge a partnership with Amazon, joining General Motors (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC brands) and Volvo, as both GM and Volvo formed partnerships with Amazon roughly a year ago.  
Ford also announced that its FordPass customers can schedule on-demand car washes with vendors such as Spiffy, Rub A Dub and Sparkl where available. 
These partnerships are early examples of how automotive brands will continue working to help owners simplify their lives. 
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