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Falling in Love with the Show Floor

Posted by: Hayley Feichter

Growing up, I had never really thought much about cars and their different brands or Becca-blogmodels. To me, a car was small and red or big and white but never much more than that. When I found out I would be interning with the Chicago Auto Show, I was excited for an opportunity to learn a little more about cars. However, I never expected to become so amazed and in love with all the glittering exteriors and luxurious interiors of the automobiles on display!

Just last week, I could probably only name a few different brands of cars and now I am walking around the show easily pointing out each make and model proudly. The Chicago Auto Show is full of product specialists and displays that will help anyone learn more about each car in a way that is entertaining and easy! Several companies feature prizes and rewards for taking a minute to learn about and look at their newest automobiles. At the Auto Show, learning about cars is a full blown, fun experience!

While previously I may have settled for any type of car, after sitting in some comfy leather seats and looking at all the color options of each cars color wheel, I know I will be much more opinionated when purchasing a car. No longer does it seem like a daunting experience to buy my first car; instead, it's one I'm really looking forward to! 

- Becca Laird, Chicago Auto Show Intern 

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