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CES Automotive Round-Up

Posted by: Hayley Feichter

Though it's a technology show by nature, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is really an auto show too! With auto technology and autonomous driving being such a hot topic, this year's show (January 5-8) gave us a glimpse at the future of cars.

Here's an overview of the latest automotive tech from CES:

Chrysler Portal Concept
Chrysler unveiled the Portal Concept fully-electric autonomous minivan. Chrysler describes it as a "third space" with the first two spaces being home and work and hopes to attract millennials with its sleek design and abundant connectivity and flexible configurations.

Check out an inside look at the Portal Concept:

Toyota Concept-i
Another concept car to grace the CES stage was the Toyota Concept-i. This is more than just an average car. It is equipped with artificial intelligence called "Yui" that will get to know the driver, their emotions, preferences, and needs and adjust accordingly. Its sleek design is something from a futuristic film and the exterior of the car can even display messages such as "hello" when someone approaches the car.

See it here: 

BMW i Inside Future
This concept "car" is BMW's look into the future. Though it's not a complete car in the tradition sense, there are still plenty of features that make this concept unique. For example, individual "sound curtains" so that each passenger can listen or their favorite music or show without disturbing others, a large wide-screen display in the back seat, and device connectivity around the car. The lounge-type atmosphere in the back seat make this seem like anything but an ordinary vehicle. In the front of this autonomous "car" is BMW's HoloActive interface which is essentially a command center in the form of a hologram. It's truly concept you have to see for yourself:

Ford Sync updates 
Ford announced at CES that they are teaming up with Amazon to expand the capabilities of their Sync and Sync AppLink. Through this partnership, owners will be able to enjoy additional features such as listening to audiobooks, searching local destinations, requesting news, and even adding items to an Amazon shopping list all with voice commands. Ford has truly brought Amazon Echo's Alexa inside the vehicle as an on-board assistant as well as integration with your home Echo, too. Additionally, Ford is keeping up with the game and can now provide WiFi in the vehicles.

Check out what Alexa can do:

Android infotainment system
Great minds think alike, right? Panasonic, Qualcomm and Google have come together to create a new Android in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system. The system can be customized by the manufactures and is designed to adapt to future changes, therefore it won't be outdated within a couple of years. The system has the potential to control your car in areas such as climate control, personal audio and video via multiple screens, and other apps from your phone. It's more than just a mirroring device for your phone, it's truly a smart command center in the car.

Read more about it.

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