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Android Auto Now Available in 2015 Hyundai Sonata

Posted by: Jennifer Morand

As an update to a previous blog post, Hyundai is now officially the first car manufacturer to launch Android Auto in production vehicles starting with its best-selling 2015 Sonata with navigation. Android Auto will not only boost Hyundai owners’ in-vehicle tech experience, but will also improve safety by reducing driver distraction.

Here’s how it works.

Simply put, Android Auto integrates your smartphone’s interface with the vehicle’s touchscreen. Because the driver is already familiar with their smartphone’s interface (the average person looks at their phone 150 times per day!), there’s little to no learning curve allowing them to take full advantage of its functionality, reducing driver distraction. Furthermore, the smartphone’s screen becomes locked while Android Auto is in use so drivers aren’t tempted to interact with it while driving.

How this impacts existing owners.

The news should make 2015 Sonata owners happy: free Android Auto software updates are available on current 2015 Sonata vehicles with navigation. Starting today, owners can head into their local dealership for the software update. Then, later this summer, owners can visit this link and download the Android Auto software onto a USB memory drive. Once inserted into the vehicle’s USB port, it will automatically update the vehicle’s navigation system so it’s Android Auto compatible.

According to Hyundai, Android Auto users will instantly recognize familiar Android phone applications such as Google Maps, Google Now, messaging, phone calling and Google Play Music upon connecting their Android phone to their Hyundai vehicle. These apps can be controlled by voice, steering wheel controls and touchscreen, further reducing driver distraction. For more details on Android phone compatibility, click here.

What about other Hyundai models?

Android Auto will soon be available in other Hyundai models, but it’s making its grand debut in the 2015 Sonata with navigation.

What about Apple users?

CarPlay is Apple’s version of Android Auto, and Hyundai is working hard to complete CarPlay integration in the 2015 Sonata. Hyundai claims this feature will be made available to Apple users soon.


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