Aftermarket, Accessory and Specialty Exhibits

Vendor Information

Dates & Show Hours:

  • Media Preview: Thursday and Friday, Feb. 9 & 1 (Based on your location, you may select to staff your booth during the media preview.)
  • First Look for Charity: Friday, Feb. 10, 7 - 11PM (First Look for Charity worker passes are not provided to aftermarket and allied vendors.)
  • Public Show: Saturday, Feb. 11 – Sunday, Feb. 19, 10AM - 10PM.  Monday, Feb. 20, 10AM - 8PM. (Booths must be staffed at all times during the public show.)

Vendor Booths must be set by 6am Thursday, Feb. 10


  • See Pricing Grid (on following pages)
  • Booth Space includes 8’ backwall and 3’ siderail drape (based on location), basic carpet, 10 AMP electrical outlet and identification sign.
  • There is an 8 ft. height restriction in this area. Booths taller than 8 ft. must be reviewed and approved by Show Management prior to move-in; this includes banners or signage of any type that hit above the 8 ft. drape line.

Minimum Space Allocation:

  • 100 sq. ft.  
  • Exhibitors with amplified demonstrations or audio / video require 200 sq. ft. minimum.  
  • Vehicles can be displayed in this area.
  • Sales are limited to your booth area.

Move-In / Move-Out:

  • Location: South Hall loading docks
  • Move-In: Wednesday, February 8 based on size and location
  • Freight will be accepted beginning at 8 a.m. Freight will not be accepted after Wednesday.
  • Please consult the Exhibitor Manual for dock hours of operation.
  • Move-Out: Monday, February 20, 8PM - 11:59PM.

Allied Vendor booths must be show ready by 6 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 9

Move-In/Move-Out Costs:

  • A teamster crew and crate storage costs based on Target floor plan. No hundred-weight charge for show site material handling.
  • New work rules allow most work to be done by exhibiting company full-time employees. See Exhibitor Manual.

Additional/Optional Costs:

  • Exhibitor set-up/tear-down, display properties, decorator fees, electrical connection, telephone service, enhanced carpet, internet, phone, furniture etc.

For Further Information:

The Chicago Auto Show will not be responsible for any damage or loss incurred to any exhibit or property of the exhibitor. Exhibitors should take precautions against such incidents.


Chicago Auto Show Management

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