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All aboard the electric train

Posted by: Mark Bilek

At last year's Chicago Auto Show, you may have noticed an odd looking vehicle among the EVOs and Outlanders at the Mitsubishi display. The egg-shaped hatchback was called i-MiEV and it is poised to become one of the first all-electric vehicles to be offered for sale by a full-line automaker in the United States.

Mitsubishi just announced that the first i-MiEVs were delivered to its North American press fleet. In other words, you'll begin to start reading reviews of i-MiEV in automotive rags like Car and Driver and AutoWeek (and at The i-MiEV went on sale in Japan in the summer of 2009 and is due in North America in the fall of 2011.

Like the Nissan Leaf, i-MiEV is a full electric vehicle, meaning there's no gas engine to extend range. A small fleet of i-MiEVs made a run from Sacramento to San Francisco to make use of the nation's first hi-speed electric charging station. Watch the video to find out more about i-MiEV and west-coast gauntlet.

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