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2017 Toyota Mirai

2017 Toyota Mirai: The 2017 Toyota Mirai will be one of the most unique vehicles on display at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show, thanks to its fuel-cell energy source. The four-seat Mirai is a fuel-cell vehicle without any true competition, although the extended-range electric Chevrolet Volt may come close.

The Mirai uses a fuel-cell system and an electric motor to make 153 horsepower. The front-wheel drive Mirai uses hydrogen as its fuel source and has an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 67 mpge.

Available features include heated steering wheel, navigation, heated front seats, heated rear seats, and premium audio.

Available safety features include pre-collision system, lane-departure alert, rear-cross traffic alert, rearview camera, blind-spot monitor, radar cruise control, stability control, and eight airbags.

The base price for the 2017 Toyota Mirai is $57,500, not including associated fees or any credits. Currently the Mirai is sold only in California.

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