Ralph Gilles, President and CEO Dodge Car Brand, to address Economic Club of Chicago

February 8, 2010

Contact: Shawn Morgan
(248) 512-2692 (office)
(248) 760-2621 (cell)

Gualberto Ranieri
248-512-2226 (office)
847-778-4162 (cell)

Statement in Regards to Economic Club of Chicago Speech

Auburn Hills, Mich. - Chrysler Group LLC Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne unfortunately will be unable to deliver his planned speech to the Economic Club of Chicago on February 11, due to an unexpected but necessary trip out of the country. In his stead, President and CEO Dodge Car Brand, and Senior Vice President, Product Design, Ralph Gilles will address the group. We deeply regret the inconvenience this has caused the Economic Club of Chicago, and Marchionne looks forward to addressing the group at a later date.

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