Engaging the Blogosphere Conference

Engaging the Blogosphere Conference

This year marks the first year a conference will be held to discuss the coexistence between traditional and new media as well as effective communication strategy. The conference will begin with a presentation from J.D. Power & Associates, who will present data from a case study on the effects of traditional media vs. new media. Following the presentation, members of both traditional and new forms of media will discuss benefits of each in a panel discussion. Two breakout sessions will follow the panel discussion. The conference will be held during the media preview days before the Chicago Auto Show on Feb. 12 at 9 a.m. in room N427 at McCormick Place.

Conference panelists include Communications Director for Chevrolet’s division of General Motors Terry Rhadigan; AutoWeek Editor/Associate Publisher Dutch Mandel; AutoBlog.com Editor-in-Chief John Neff; KickingTires Editor David Thomas; and Jason Vines as the moderator.

One of the two breakout sessions will be led by GolinHarris public relations social media expert Rick Wion. Wion will discuss social media trends and effective communication strategies. The second breakout session will be led by Google Automotive Industry Sales and Operations Manager Seth Barron. Barron will discuss online revenue and how this message can also relate to traditional media members. Both breakout sessions are led by industry experts who will effectively demonstrate the need for online and social media and the necessity for both traditional and new media to peacefully coexist.

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