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First to one hundred: History of first 100 Chicago Auto Shows

A new high-gloss publication illustrating the history of the Chicago Auto Show has just been released, and printed in a limited run.

The 194-page book is available for sale at the 2009 Chicago show, Feb. 13- 22, 2009, or online at

On Saturday, Feb. 21, between noon and 3 p.m., authors Mitchel J. Frumkin and Jim Mateja will be autographing the book at the entrance to North Hall of McCormick Place.

No one expected the automobile industry to last 100 years, so there was no reason to suspect the Chicago Auto Show would thrive and survive 100 editions over a 107-year span, either.

But it has, and those 100 shows have introduced the horseless carriage and its numerous derivations to the masses. Crank start to push button start. Gasoline, batteries and soon hydrogen. And always the cars have been the stars.

Frumkin and Mateja take you on a journey covering 100 shows at which the newest, biggest, fastest, safest, and weirdest were introduced to educate and captivate the car-buying public.

Check out the highlights of each show, the newest concept and production models, and the celebrities, athletes, and entertainers that came with them. There are more than 600 photos as well as the authors’ personal observations and memories.

The Chicago Auto Show, first to see the odometer roll over to reach 100. And it keeps going.

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