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Continental invites showgoers to find the Smartest Cars

When Continental Automotive Systems added a facility in Deer Park, Ill. to their organization, Chicago became their kind of town, too. This global $17 billion company is a leading manufacturer and developer of safety, comfort and performance technologies for all automobiles.  They wanted to show their support of the community by being involved in the 2007 Chicago Auto Show.  The well-attended event proves up to be the perfect venue to share their excitement for the automobile. 

For their people in Deer Park, they created a game called MapHunt which involves finding the answers to questions on a game card as they visit the Chicago Auto Show. Using a map of the show they've invited all of their employees to come to the show, take pictures of their favorite vehicles and enter a contest to win prizes.  To also show support for the community they are sending the same game card to area non-profit organizations to give them a chance to tour the show and have fun.  When they turn in their game card at the Continental Safely There mobile exhibit, they will be entered into a drawing to receive more than $9,000 for their group.     “This is a way to recognize those who are contributing to the Chicago area community and making it a better place to live and do business,” said Bill Kozyra, president and CEO of Continental Automotive Systems, North America. 

Continental is also inviting area engineers affiliated with the automotive industry to participate in the game and win prizes too. 

“Continental is serious about our role in automotive development and safety," said Kozyra. "That is why we are participating with our Safely There mobile exhibit. We want to share the future of automotive safety and performance and get ideas from show visitors."

The Safely There exhibit chronicles the move to smart cars, a development made possible by the great leaps in microelectronics capability and functionality.  Like “smart” homes, smart vehicles use technology that is interconnected, works in harmony with various components and does so imperceptibly.  Safely There contains a Disney-like simulator that enables groups of people to have a realistic driving experience with various new crash prevention features. The display also has a “reality theater” and interactive exhibits where visitors can learn about such topics as staying in their lane, safely changing lanes, detecting blind spots and other equipment among the growing number of intelligent vehicle safety technologies.  These devices contribute to a safer driving experience and help to save lives.  It is an opportunity to learn about the many new safety features found in our modern vehicles.  The multi-million dollar exhibit offers visitors a great experience on how technology is benefiting today’s driver.  Also available are two concept cars equipped with future telematics safety and convenience technology that connect consumers to the world around them. 

“These amazing vehicles bring the future closer to today”, said Jim Kropp, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Continental decided to be involved in the 2007 Chicago Auto Show because of its reputation for attendance and excitement. We are new in town and what better way to say we are here than to be at the auto show and invite others to share our excitement about the industry.  As Continental we have a global role in vehicle safety, comfort and performance.  The people of Deer Park are part of future smart car solutions.  Their minds are what Continental invested in when they became part of the company.”

Continental is best known for their role in developing Anti Lock Braking Systems (ABS) and popularizing Electronic Stability Control (ESC).  These two advances contribute to overall vehicle safety and performance.  The future of the modern vehicle is looking better as the people at Deer Park become involved in more advanced technology and technology integration.  They have ideas on how vehicles can talk to each other and avoid an accident from happening altogether.   They are bringing in the future ahead of schedule with their ideas of driving intelligence in global vehicle systems.  The Continental booth is located in McCormick Place North and the Safely There mobile exhibit will be open to the public during the show.

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