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Chicago Auto Show’s social media initiatives

The Chicago Auto Show and the Chicago Automobile Trade Association chose to embrace social media outlets to generate online initiatives to reach a specific target audience.

A Chicago Auto Show Facebook group was created in October 2008 and currently totals more than 1,700 members. The group provides members with comprehensive information about the Chicago Auto Show where members can expect inside scoop that hasn’t yet been released to the general public, the chance to win free tickets and the ability to view/upload video posts and photos. The group also provides a message board where members can post a question or comment and the chance to interact with other Chicago Auto Show fans.
Besides receiving the most up-to-date information on the Chicago Auto Show, members of the Facebook group benefit simply by joining. One recent contest: members received two free tickets if they recruited 10 of their friends to join the group. Members even received free tickets from the recent “Caption Contest” for posting clever captions to correspond with the posted photo, which is updated weekly, and by uploading their favorite photo or video from previous shows to the group’s page. There are many opportunities for members to win free tickets in this interactive group. For more information about the Official Chicago Auto Show Facebook group, visit /multimedia/Facebook.asp also has a Chicago Auto Show blog. Readers of the blog can find up-to-date information on the show as well as industry news. Previous posts have included “The Price is Right” (hints on finding discounted and free tickets to the show); “Something to ‘LA’ugh About” (report on the L.A. Auto Show); “A Risky Time to Buy? Hogwash!” (report on manufacturers’ current vehicle deals); and “Pro Photography for Dummies” (an interview and tip-sheet from two well-respected automotive photographers on taking professional photos at the auto show). For more information about the blog, please visit /multimedia/blog/index.asp.
Show updates will be provided via Twitter from the show. This feature will allow the public to retrieve updates even if they’re not physically on the show floor. The hashtag #CAS09 will be used to distinguish Chicago Auto Show posts. Chicago Auto Show Twitter followers are encouraged to use the #CAS09 hashtag when posting comments and when searching for Chicago Auto Show related posts.
Cell phone text messaging will also be incorporated into this year’s media preview and show. Those who opt in will receive timely information and reminders from show organizers. The opt-in number will be distributed the week of the media preview.

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