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Welcome to the 2016 Chicago Auto Show.
Inside this show guide you’ll find a map of the
show, and this year you’re going to need it. Auto
show regulars will find many exhibits in new
locations and you won’t want to miss any of
them. Better yet, download the official Chicago
Auto Show app for an interactive map of the
show and the chance to win a new Buick Encore.
Have you seen the TV ad that began running
recently for the new Ford GT? It’s the best we’ve
seen in a while that captures the excitement of
the moment you see a car for the first time at the
Chicago Auto Show.
The ad opens with a young boy riding his
bicycle to a crowd of kids. He drops his bike and
pushes through the crowd to find what’s causing
all the ruckus. It’s the all-new Ford GT and in
an instant he is mesmerized. Then the engine
growls and it startles everyone but him. He just
smiles slightly and moves even closer to the
car as the shot opens up to see the full crowd of
kids encircling the car with their bicycles strewn
haphazardly behind them.
Why’s that so fun for us to see? Well, because
we saw the same scene play out a thousand
times in person at last year’s Chicago Auto Show. You name the super car,
we had it on display in Chicago last year and there were thousands of kids
– young and old – who fell in love with them.
Technology is advancing at a torrid pace with pundits talking about
driverless cars that might be shared and not owned. Some of them look
more like kitchen appliances than they do automobiles. Don’t get us
wrong, the technology is great, and a lot of it is already in cars on the
show floor. Cars today are safer, cleaner and more efficient than ever
before, so be sure to soak it all in while you’re at the show.
But we hope you don’t forget what’s been fueling the Chicago Auto
Show for more than 100 years – the love affair with the automobile. Have
fun! We hope you enjoy the show.
Colin Wickstrom, Chicago Auto Show Chairman
Dave Sloan, Chicago Auto Show General Manager
Dave Sloan (left) and Colin Wickstrom (right).
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The 2016 Chicago Auto Show
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