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  • ChevyTurboVette3@81Web22.jpg
    At a glance, this white/blue sports car might have looked like an ordinary Corvette on display in the Chevrolet exhibit at the 1981 Chicago Auto Show. Actually it's the Turbo Vette 3 design study vehicle, one of many Corvette prototype to emerge over the years. This beauty came with an experimental exhaust-driven turbocharged 350 cubic inch V-8 engine. It featured a throttle body fuel injection system and Garrett Air Research turbocharger, with a claimed 30 percent increase in boost output. Painted pearlescent white, the Turbo Vette III exterior was accented with multi-hued blue striping. A stock red ’81 Corvette can be seen to its rear, along with several other Chevrolet models. and a huge sign to remind you that Chevy was “America's Favorite,”